Dibrugarh, April 20: SCC (Small Christian Communities) Diocesan Animation Team

Inspired by the DIMT i.e., (Dibrugarh, Itanagar, Mio and Tezpur Dioceses) zonal meeting of the SCCs in Tezpur which was held on 7th and 8th April, a special meeting of  the representatives of four parishes of the Diocese of Dibrugarh was called by the SCC Coordinator Fr. Robert Kachua on 20th April 2018 at Bishop’s House and formed the first Diocesan Animation team of Dibrugarh diocese. 

A ten member group consisting of four Fathers, three Sisters and three Lay People formed the Diocesan Animation Team. The main aim of the group is to facilitate the SCC formation and sustenance in different parishes of the Diocese. The group has already received the invitation to form SCCs in Sonari parish in the month of July. The team has also decided to meet after every three months to evaluate and plan out the future course of action. The Vicar general of the Diocese was present for the meeting.

Efforts have been made in the past to form more SCCs in the Diocese. Due to unforeseen reasons it has not grown as expected. But there is a grain of hope that this will eventually grow and become a process through which our people can be animated and help them to live their faith better.

Fr. Robert Kachua