Dibrugarh, 27 March 2018: Recollection in Preparation for Easter

Dibrugarh, 27 March 2018: Recollection in preparation for Easter began in the Sacred Heard Cathedral Church at 9 am on 27 March 2018. Fr. Mathew Thundathil, a senior priest of the Diocese of Dibrugarh who just returned to the Diocese after several years of his priestly ministry in the US is the animator. Rt. Rev. Joseph Aind Sdb, the Bishop of Dibrugarh welcomed all the participants to the recollection. He warmly welcomed Rev. Fr. Mathew Thundathil who is the chief animator of the day. He exhorted all to make use of this opportunity to prepare themselves to celebrate Easter more meaningfully.

The animator placed emphasis on the journey of the people of God from slavery to freedom through the desert. The desert experience for the people of God was full of hardship and pain. Yet God was guiding them to the promised land. It took them forty years of wandering in the desert before they could enter into the promised land. God was in their midst of suffering and hardships.

This recollection is organised by the Diocese of Dibrugarh every year on Tuesday in the Holy Week. It is meant to help the priests of the Diocese, All priests and Brothers working in the Diocese and Sisters working in the Diocese to prepare for the celebration of Easter.

During the course of the day there will be opportunity for confessions. It is an opportunity for all to make themselves more acceptable in the sight of the Lord and his people. The priests especially need to experience the forgiving love of God so that they can carry out the Ester ministry on behalf of the people of God.

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